Students' Research Areas

SFSD  has a number of  MSc students  undertaking  their research within the project mandate.


Samson Njoroge Kihara

Occurence of  Fusarium species associated with Fumonisin production in Makueni and Makindu Districts, Kenya.

Dr. Elizabeth Omolo Ouko

Evaluation of human exposure levels to dietary aflatoxins and associated risk factors in Makueni county Kenya.

Dr. Christine Kendi Mburugu

Determination of levels of Fumonisin B1 in Maize Grains and Dairy animal feeds in Makueni and Nandi Counties.

Deborah Nina Kiaye

Distribution of fumonisin-producing Fusarium species in Nandi County, Kenya".Samson Kihara.Occurrence of Fusarium species associated with fumonisins in Makueni County, Kenya.

Dr. Anima Sirma

Evaluation of human exposure levels to aflatoxins in Nandi County, Kenya.

Beatrice Wabusya Nyongesa

Survey of aflatoxigenic strains of Aspergillus species and biocontrol potential of atoxigenic strains in Nandi County, Kenya.

Gatwiri Murithi

Assessment of Aflatoxin contamination of milk and animal feds in Makueni and Nadi counties.

Vincent Ayugi

A survey of Aflatoxin producing Aspergillus species in Makueni county, kenya.

Sara Ahlberg

Survey of antibiotic residues in milk from Makueni and Nandi counties, Kenya.

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